Classes And Amenities


No matter what you’re looking for in a gym, we’ve got a membership option made for you. All Rise members enjoy unlimited access to the gym and the support of our friendly, knowledgeable staff anytime you need it.

Check out all the perks below!


Enjoy unlimited tanning with your membership and 24/7 access to the gym. Tan on your time.

Our Heartland Ovation Commercial Tanning Beds

  • 34xFR71T12/BL/HO 100WR lamps
  • 400 watt facial bulbs
  • 42”D x 82”W x 40”H


Full locker rooms with showers and a sauna!

Benefits of a sauna include: detoxification, increased metabolism, weight loss, increased blood circulation, pain reduction, antiaging, skin rejuvenation, improved cardiovascular function, improved immune function, improved sleep, stress management, and relaxation.

Come and give them a try!

Indoor Turf

So much room for activities!

  • Box Jumps
  • Deadlift area
  • Ropes
  • Speed and agility training
  • Power sleds

Free Zumba Classes BETH MCCULLY

I have been enjoying Zumba Fitness for twelve years and have been instructing for over 7 years. I am also an AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor. My favorite perk of teaching is meeting all the wonderful people who come to dance with us! We have formed lasting friendships and support each other through all aspects of life. It is such a great way to enjoy burning those calories!Please come join us and we will dance ourselves happy!

Neosho Location
Mondays: 5:30-6:30pm
Tuesday/Thursdays: 6:00-7:00pm

Come try it for FREE your first time!
Members: FREE
NON-Members: $5 per class

YOGA Class Amanda Mauller

Location: Neosho
Saturdays @ 8:30-9:30am

Hello! My name is Amanda, I'm currently leading Yoga class in Neosho. I discovered the healing power of Yoga after a lower back injury in 2019 and was moved to share this practice with others. I became a certified Yoga Instructor in 2020 and joyfully share my knowledge with others. Each class is designed with all fitness levels in mind, whether you're just starting out or an experienced yogi!


Hi everyone, I’m Sarah Sonis. I am a HIIT instructor at RISE. My passion is to help others achieve their wellness goals. I have over 15 years experience in fitness including a bachelors degree in health promotion and wellness. Come try my class sometime-all fitness levels welcome!

I love this industry and my position here at RISE. Our gyms have everything you need and we take pride knowing our prices are competitive with all amenities included like Group Fitness classes, Tanning, and men + women saunas. Plus 24/7 access to everything. There is something for everyone at RISE

Neosho Classes
Tuesday’s & Thursday’s: 5:30-6:15am

Members: FREE
NON-members: $5 per class

Try it for FREE YOUR 1st Time!!!

Free Kickboxing Classes !DANIELLE SAVLLA

Carthage Location Class:

Kickboxing - Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm

When I was younger, I was very active in karate and high school sports. It was easy to allow my health to not become a top priority as I got older and life happened.

The last few years, I have worked on changing my mindset and have begun a more consistent workout routine. As part of my health journey, I received my personal trainer certificate and my group fitness license.

I have a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and one of my biggest regrets had been having to leave my dojo so I am thrilled to be involved again, this time in teaching kickboxing. It's a full body workout that's a lot of fun and will show you that you are capable of so many things!"

Free HIIT Classes !Keirstan Peterson
(Baxter Springs HIIT Instructor)

Baxter Springs Location Class:

Keirstan will be teaching HIIT classes on MWF from

5:15-6:15 a.m. starting Monday, March 11th!!!

This class is FREE to members or $10 guest pass.

She has also been a personal trainer for a year and is a two year certified diet coach. She has her glute specialist and active recovery specialist certification as well.

Carthage Yoga Classes !Emma Turley
(Carthage Yoga instructor)

Classes: Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm / Saturday 10:00-10:45am and 11:00-11:45am

I have been enjoying yoga for a little under eight years. I originally started yoga to help with the anxiety of college and then it transformed into a lifestyle. Yoga is so much more than instagram poses and I try my hardest to display that in my yoga classes. Everybody can do yoga - no matter the level you are at. I teach each class with various modifications including blocks or straps. I even include addons if you are looking for more of a challenge. I hope to see you soon!

Carthage Yoga Classes !Benjamin DeBusk
(Baxter Springs Yoga instructor)

Classes: Saturdays 8:00 am - 9:00 am

I am Benjamin DeBusk, and often asked why yoga, and my answer;  In my early thirties, chronic pain and mobility issues began impacting my ability to do simple tasks.  I have always had physically demanding jobs, the military, sandwiched between years in construction, even my current job inspecting water towers, all seemed to have a negative impact with a fast approaching end.  Yoga was my last-ditch effort to manage chronic pain and feel better physically plus I didn’t want to find a new job!  After a few weeks the quality of my life improved.  First and most obvious was increased mobility without pain.  The second was a much slower modification, an internal adjustment that improved my ability to be a father, husband and friend.  

Zumba Classes !Anissa LaVelle
(CJ Zumba instructor)

Class times Mondays & Thursdays 6-7pm

I was originally licensed in 2008, took a few years off to be involved with my kids activities, then got re-licensed in 2022.  I’ve been married to my amazing husband for 28 years, mother of 3 and 1 grandson that owns my heart!! I’m so thankful for Zumba! It keeps me moving, helps me stay in shape and lets me be creative. Zumba has such a great energy and is never boring. I’m always meeting new people and I appreciate my Zumba family!  I’m blessed by Rise fitness for the opportunity to do something I love and hang out with amazing people!!

Free Weight Area

– Olympic Benches
– Decline benches
– Incline benches
– Power racks
– 10 plate load machines
– Dumb bell rack
– Ez bar rack
– 8 station pin drop
Everything you need at a local fitness center!

Cardio Area

– Full line up of Matrix
-Stair Climbers
-Recumbent bikes
-Spin bikes
-Row machines
-16 piece pin drop set up
-All of our treads, ellipticals, climbers, recum bikes are equipped with Netflix log in, Facebook log in, live tv and multiple workout plans!